Chuck is no stranger to the microphone. He has been a speaker at the American Marketing Association, Tech Ed conferences, the Gartner Group, COMDEX in Las Vegas, on Talk Radio, Podcasts, and Television, to name a few. With Certifications in Wi-Fi, Enterprise Networking, Network Switches, SEO, Medical Imaging, Handheld Solutions, Blockchain, as well as a member of the National Speakers Association, Chuck has been on dozens of TV and Radio programs, created almost 200 podcasts, interviewed celebrity and Fortune 500 CEOs, and has even voiced commercials and produced independent films. Chuck has been on the “bleeding edge” of several Web 1 and Web 2 innovations, and now is entering the Web 3 space with new applications and network tech, promising to revolutionize Content Networking.
 IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Raymond James, The Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins, and dozens of small to large companies have trusted Chuck for his technical advice and expertise. Click for Booking Info

Who is Chuck Palm?