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Chuck Palm

TOP TECH Talk Show Host, Podcaster, and Best Selling Author

National Syndicated Radio Program - 12/14/22

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What people are saying...

" I have known Chuck as a speaker, network engineer, and entrepreneur for almost 20 years. He is an optimistic futurist with a positive outlook on the tech industry at large"
Brent Britton
Founding Partner, Corex Legal
"Chuck is 13 steps ahead of the tech industry. I find that when I pick his brain, I have pages of notes and dozens of action items afterwards."
Deana Goldasich
CEO - Well Planned Web
"Chuck is a rare find in the tech world. He's a creative visionary for what we can build in the future. He turns the 1's and 0's into passion and enthusiasm - a true ambassador for the industry."
Shawna Vercher

Chuck Palm is a TECH expert that does not talk "techie!"

Chuck is no stranger to the microphone.  He has been a speaker at the American Marketing Association, Tech Ed conferences, the Gartner Group, COMDEX in Las Vegas, on Talk Radio, Podcasts, and Television, to name a few.

  With Certifications in Wi-Fi, Enterprise Networking, Network Switches, SEO, Medical Imaging, Handheld Solutions, Blockchain, as well as a member of the National Speakers Association, Chuck has been on dozens of TV and Radio programs, created almost 200 podcasts, interviewed celebrity and Fortune 500 CEOs, and has even voiced commercials and produced independent films.  Chuck has been on the “bleeding edge” of several Web 1 and Web 2 innovations, and now is entering the Web 3 space with new applications and network tech, promising to revolutionize Content Networking. 

IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Raymond James, The Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins, and dozens of small to large companies have trusted Chuck for his technical advice and expertise.  Click for Booking Info

Sample Interviews

Rize and React has graciously setup a playlist of Chuck’s interviews, questions, and radio spots.  Check them out HERE

Timely and Topical

Chuck talks about topics that are on-point, right from today’s headlines.  If you feel left out of the conversation when things get technical, spend a few minutes getting the TOP TECH TALK! 

Relevant and Relateable

Don’t waste time trying to learn to speak Technobabble, Chuck puts things into simple, understandable language.  His best selling book, “Demystifying Cryptocurrency” is a perfect example of how to learn new tech topics, without a technology degree!


1000’s have trusted his advice for decades…

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A.I., Med Tech, NFTs, Blockchain, Hashgraph, Crypto, Gadgets and more!

With 30+ years of Tech experience in many fields, Chuck has contacts, training, and knowledge acquired from the field, the classroom, and the BIG TECH CONFRENCES, like E3, Comdex, Tech Ed, and others. 

Chuck was one of the very first PODCAST PRODUCERS, on the Podshow network with “The Podfather“, Adam Curry (later MEVIO), in 2005.   With many years of broadcast experience on Radio and Podcast hosting, he’s back with the Top Tech Talk Show Podcast, airing in January of 2023.




Top 5 Tech to Watch in 2023 - a 10 min. segment

The “Top 5” list is a favorite for Radio, TV, and Podcasts, because it simply works.  Countdowns tell a story, and your audience will stay until they hear what the #1 is!  Chuck delivers cutting edge tech stories on real-world tech that will make an impact on the planet in 2023.  

The segment is recorded live on your program, via phone, Skype, Zoom, or Direct stream of your choice.

  This is the perfect “End of Year” wrap-up show, with the Top 5 Topics being:

  • 5 – “Augmented Reality”

  • 4 – Human Helper Robots

  • 3 – Digital Medical Devices

  • 2 – Artificial General Intelligence

  • 1- Digital Tokenized Assets